Monday, October 26, 2009

Do You Like Chick Lit Novels?

I love chick lit books. They are funny and uplifting:) A perfect girl's bestfriend! (Other than a cute bag, that is :P). But chicklit books can be expensive. One book can cost at least RM 35 and up. And the thing is, I'm the kind who read a chicklit book, get so immersed in it while I'm at it- and after that, I don't want to read it again. Chicklit book is like watching a good movie. After you've enjoyed it, you don't want to get another ticket to watch it again. You'd rather watch something else.

So because of that, I've started a chicklit book exchange forum. It's a place to exchange chicklit books and any other type of books. Here is one of the books that I've submitted and is open for exchange:

And the synopsis:

This book is about a newly wedded husband and wife. The leading girl in this story found that life after marriage was not as she expected. She soon found herself feeling bored and resentful at home. She decided to work. This led her to an encounter with a mystery man ... Will her marriage survive?

You can view more of it here.

If you like to read books especially chicklit, and can't get enough of them, but you also don't wish to spend too much on them, click here to join the forum. Simply post a picture of your books, and let others offer to exchange their books with you. You can also offer to exchange your books with other members. At the same time, you can also put a price to your books in case anyone is interested to buy.

See you there! :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Tropical Straw Bags!!

Ideal for swimming activities! It's vintage, it's retro, it's spacey! You can put your slippers, sandals, swimming suits, goggles, changing clothes, sunblock, sandwiches, and more!

Don't sacrifice style for pleasure! From now on, you don't have to carry grocery plastic bags to bring your swimming items ever again! :)

Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;))

And who says you can only use it for swimming time? With straw bags, it is FREESTYLE! Mothers, try straw bags next time you go out. You can *dump* those baby bottles, pampers, changing clothes, baby wipes, milk bottles, etc etc in a straw bag. What's more, the straw bags you'll find here have ropes to tie up the top of the bag, so that your items will be more secured.

PLUS, unlike traditional straw bags, the straw bags you'll find here are light. So these straw bags will not hurt your shoulders or your hands. Is that great or what! :)

Shop away, cuties! :)

Click here for cute beach bags!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It makes me wonder when I saw the "O" shape metal handle of a faux croc skin bag. I mean, how do I deal with it? Should I hold it at the edge, or put my hand through it like you would with a bangle?

*by Claudia Canova. Credit to

*by Stella McCartney. Credit to

*by Dior. Credit to

*credit to

*credit to

*Silver bangles. Credit to

Well, I guess you can wear it like a bangle, if the ring is big enough to let your hand go through. Otherwise, you could hold it this way:

*credit to

SWEET ! :)

I like the idea. It's a unique concept. And creative too! This is an example of one of our own ring handle bag specially for you :

To see more, click here.

I think a cutie is envied not just because she is cute, but also because she is creative. Don't you agree? I mean, how often do we admire a cute girl and then go on to copy her? (I know you are guilty!:P). You would go, "Oh... why didn't I think of that?" Exactly!

So I'm thinking..... to add more spice to the already spicy bag, you could also add keychains, ribbons and even a pretty bangle! This will transform your bag into a no-brainer wrist handle bag.

What would you do??


Too many things to do, yet too little time ! I promise, if God wills, there is MORE to come ! Thank you for keeping up, and thanks A LOT for your support !


Sassy tote inspired by Samantha Thavasa..

Yes, that is Jlo.

Example of a tote

We All Need A Make Up Bag !

*Magazine Snippet

Which girl don't have a make up item? The average girl has at least a lip balm and a face powder. In actual fact, most girls these days have anything from lip gloss to lip pot colours to foundation, concealers, eyeshadows, blusher, mascara (have I forget anything?:P) and all kinds of make up brushes !; the latest kabuki brush craze, lip brush, countouring brush...... ohh and face sponges??

With all that, you would think most girls own a make up bag, yes? NO! In fact, that's the very reason why most girls use BIG BIG bag so that they can lump in all their make up necessities!

How about some organising?? GET A MAKE UP BAG ! :)

With a make up bag, you have these advantages:

1) Your make up stuffs are all in ONE place so that;

2) Your make up stuffs won't get mixed up with your perfume, handphone, purse, etc

3) Easy to find your make up items because they are all in one bag

4) The size of make up bag is handy, so it is easy to carry it around (as opposed to the very big oversized bag most girls use to dump their make up items)

5) Add to your bag collection!

6) You can be a trendsetter

7) Make your friends jealous, lol:P

So lovelies, grab your own make up bag now ! Click here.

Lots of choices specially for each and everyone of you :)

P/S: More items will be added soon !